Millstream perceptive underwriting

An insight into Millstream…


Millstream was founded in 1999 to bring a different approach and colour to an increasingly commoditised part of the insurance world – retail Travel and associated products.

The business has succeeded by listening carefully, responding creatively and delivering with wholehearted commitment and integrity.

Whether you’re a customer, colleague or business partner, you can expect the same care and attention now.

But some things have changed.

Our underwriting footprint has expanded to cover the full range of Accident & Health products.

We’re proud to serve business and consumer customers & partners around the world. 

We’ve developed claims and other support services, adding value and even greater confidence.

And we don’t plan to stand still.

We’d like to be part of your success story. Take a moment to pop in, give us a call or ping an email.

It could be the start of an exciting new chapter for both of us.

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We'll quickly tune into your aims and objectives



The status quo is not a barrier to bringing your ideas to life


We'll work hard to win for you and your customers



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