Millstream perceptive underwriting




For racing yachts of all sizes

What we cover:

  • Physical damage
  • Liability
  • Crew personal accident

Our capacity

$/€3m ??(no minimum value)

Why Millstream?

What we insure

We insure both inshore and offshore racing yachts and aim at the difficult to place higher risk racing yachts that are participating in specific campaigns, regattas, transatlantic or global events. This is a tailored facility for racing yachts with no minimum value requirements. We provide coverage for the physical damage, liability and war with extensions for loss of mast, spars and rigging, two handed or single handed sailing.

Some of our clients:

  • Open 60's
  • Open 50's
  • Class 40's
  • TP52
  • RC44
  • IMS/IRC Yachts
  • Figaro's
  • One-off builds
  • GC 32

Racecover plus wording

The wording is tailored to suit the needs of the serious inshore and offshore racer participating in major regattas around the world, from a production built one design to a purpose built one-off monohull. Yachts such as the hi-tech TP52's suit this programme with the European circuit of inshore round the cans racing. Cover includes loss of damage to the mast, spars, sails and rigging whilst not racing and can be extended for race events. 

Personal accident - skipper, crew and back up

This product provides coverage for death, temporary total disablement, medical expenses and repatriation from safe port back to country of domicile. Coverage is available for single-handed, double-handed, fully crewed racing events and record attempts.

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