Millstream perceptive underwriting



Our package of covers caters for businesses large and small:

  • Death/Critical Illness
  • Dental
  • Income Protection/Sickness
  • Personal Accident
  • Travel

You decide how much you need and can build upon the covers over time.

Variations on the theme, such as Keyman, Shareholder Protection and associated risks,enable us to meet the varied needs of limited companies, partnerships and LLPs.

In our experience, many of these covers are undersold or provided by “specialist” brokers.  Often different parts of your client’s business are involved in the purchasing decisions.

All of which means that someone else may be talking to your client.

Working with Millstream gives you:

  • A package that may save you and your client time & money
  • Cover that can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of your client
  • Another opportunity to strengthen your client relationship

For more information or to talk through a specific enquiry, give us a call.

We’re here to deliver.

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