Millstream perceptive underwriting

What makes us tickā€¦


We’re underwriters that specialise in tailoring Accident & Health insurance solutions.

We really enjoy getting our heads round challenges.

We treat customers as individuals not commodities.

We set out to be long-term partners.

So, wherever you or your client happen to be based in the world……

Whether an affinity group, employee benefit scheme or a business……

We want to understand where we can make a difference.

And we won’t waste your time so you won’t waste yours.

We’ll tell you quickly what we can do and how, adding ideas as we go along.

What’s more, when we’re agreed we’ll deliver. Quickly and diligently.

All of which we think is a breath of fresh air.

Take a moment to learn more about what we do and what others have said about us.

Better still, pop in to see us, give us a call or ping an email and we’ll get on with it.