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Spain has made the headlines of late with bogus food poisoning claims by British holidaymakers adding significantly to claims cost (and denting the reputation of Spanish hoteliers and restauranteurs!). 
Less well-trailed and perhaps even more concerning, are reports of genuine claimants being denied cover for emergency treatment in private Spanish facilities. Naturally, this can leave customers feeling alarmed and facing significant bills.

Such is the uncertainty that Allianza de Sanidad Privada Espana, a national Spanish association of private clinics, has lobbied the Association of British Insurers and handouts for UK patients are being distributed at many clinics.

Our approach remains refreshingly simple.....

Whilst we always tackle fraud head on, we're in the business of ensuring that our customers enjoy the full benefit of their policy cover should the worst happen. A Travel policy is not a Private Medical cover but if a customer requires emergency medical attention and the best solution is from a private facility, we WILL cover it.

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