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The buzz about Zika

The Zika virus is once again making headlines and causing understandable concern amongst travellers.

There is a clear risk, particularly to pregnant travellers, and appropriate care needs to be taken.  Do consult with your medical practitioner and the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ( when planning your trip.

How does our Travel insurance respond?

As always, we have taken a fair and pragmatic approach. In essence, providing you have not booked a trip to a publicised affected area in the knowledge both that there is a risk &/or that you or one of your party is pregnant we will consider a claim for cancellation of the trip.  Naturally this also depends upon the insurance policy having been purchased before the risk was publicised &/or the traveller discovering her pregnancy. 

To validate a claim, we will ultimately need some supporting documentation from your medical practitioner.

It’s important to us that you are fully aware of the implications when considering booking a trip or making a claim so please contact us with any queries or concerns.

Subject otherwise to policy conditions, terms, limits and exceptions.

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