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Stranded Passenger Service and Covid-19

Stranded Passenger Service and Covid-19


As the world recovers from COVID-19, health and safety at the airport will be one of the keys to rebuilding traveler confidence. In recognition of this, a new set of global health and safety standards for airport lounges has been launched.

These standards comprise a number of recommended steps, including:

  • Provision of PPE and increased health and safety training for staff
  • Floor markers for social distancing in queues or other areas where people congregate
  • New evaluation of furniture layout to adhere to social distancing guidelines while maximising space and allowing traveller groups to sit together
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection using health authority-recommended products
  • Switching air filtration systems to 100% outside air where possible
  • Contact-free solutions where possible, including collection point options for food and beverages
  • Removing print media and replacing with digital where possible

These standards are being implemented across the Stranded Passenger airport lounge network.  For more details on the Stranded Passenger service or the lounge network please contact Sam O’Connor on [email protected]

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