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As we approach Global Flying’s 25th anniversary, I thought I’d share a little of our history and provide some insights into the very niche insurance product that we provide to our brokers and clients.

Starting out as Global Flying Insurance Services (GFIS) in 1996, it was and remains the only dedicated London market underwriting team whose sole focus is on providing Loss of Licence insurance to the aviation industry.

LOL, as it was known long before the advent of texts, was designed to provide a product tailored to a pilot’s needs.  All commercial pilots are required to pass a strict medical and failure to achieve this will result in their licence being suspended or permanently revoked which in turn is likely to mean a loss of job and earnings.

If this were to happen, a LOL policy would pay a monthly or lump sum benefit to the pilot.  It was never intended to be an amount that would see the individual into their retirement, instead it was seen as something that would help them for the next few years.  Over the years, pilots have used their claim payments to pay off their mortgages, train for another career or pay for medical treatments.

As with most companies, Global Flying has gone through a number of changes over the years, starting out as an MGA sitting in the offices of Besso’s, moving to become a division of Hiscox in 2006 and then returning to its roots as an MGA following our transfer to Millstream Underwriting at the end of 2018. 

While the world has changed a great deal over that time, Global Flying has remained focused on providing excellent service and looking at new and inventive ways of enhancing our product offerings.  From the launch of our quote and buy website for trainees and commercial pilots in 2013, to being the first underwriter in the London market to offer their brokers 3 cover options with our Elite, Extra and Essential wordings. 

And we haven’t stopped at just insuring commercial pilots, we also cover trainees who are just starting out on the first stages of their exciting career and air traffic controllers who have similar medical standards as a pilot does.  Even with pilots it is varied, we insure fixed and rotor wing, flight instructors, business jets and many more.

The business its self is also varied as we insure individuals who wish to purchase their own cover and fly for some of the world’s major airlines, employer purchased group polices to voluntary schemes for unions and associations.  We also provide reinsurance cover for captive policies and top up schemes to existing in house policies. 

This all means that since I joined Global Flying in 2003, every day has been different and every day provides a new challenge, which is why the team and I still love underwriting this very niche class of insurance.


If you would like to discuss anything mentioned in this article, please contact Ian Groves on 0203 019 1120 or [email protected]

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