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Brits feel ripped off when booking a holiday

The Great British Holiday Report, based on an online survey of 1,775 Brits, found 31% felt they had been ripped off.

Teletext Holidays said it believed the dissatisfaction was down to the new culture of "extras".

"It is certainly the case that the travel industry has undergone major changes, especially with the growth in no frills, low-cost airlines," said Amy Patel from Teletext Holidays

"The cost cutting that needs to go into creating these cheap flights have had a massive impact on how package holidays are put together today. By regulation, our governing bodies state that any two items sold at the same time constitute a package holiday.

"Therefore, more often than not, the all new package holiday now consists of only a flight and the accommodation. This in itself is not unusual for the customer, as there have always been extras to pay for; these include insurance and airport parking etc.

"However this has introduced a new culture of extras, like transfers and fees which are often added at a later stage in the booking process. This saw the emergence of a new trend in the holiday market, something we call the dynamic package holiday."

The report also looked at booking patterns and found that 23% of Brits book within two months of travel and 67% book within six months of departure.

Of these, 12% book within a month of travel, possibly enticed by last-minute offers.

It also highlighted marked differences between the sexes, with men the most likely to book a last minute deal and women almost twice as likely to book more than a year in advance.

The average holiday spend is £554.40 per person, although 45% spend £400 or less, with just 17% spending more than £800.

The report showed that when travelling overseas, the most popular countries for families are:
1.Spain, 2.France, 3.USA, 4.Greece, 5.Italy

The most popular cities are:
1.Barcelona, 2.Paris, 3.Dublin, 4.Rome, 5.Amsterdam

The most popular beach resorts are:
1.Barcelona, 2.Florida, 3.Benidorm, 4.San Francisco, 5.Sydney

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