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Brits ‘cautiously optimistic’ about holiday spend next year

When asked about their spending plans for 2014, 19% said they would be spending more, but 16% said they would be cutting back.

When the same question was asked by ABTA last year, 16% of respondents said they would be spending more and 20% said they would spend less.

"There is a marked improvement in confidence this year, but we would use the term 'cautiously optimistic," said ABTA head of communications Victoria Bacon.

Nearly half of those asked (49.5%) said they would spend about the same and 15% hadn't made up their minds.

Those aged 16-24 were particularly optimistic about spending next year, with 29% saying they would splash out more and only 13% planning to cut back.

ABTA's Consumer Holiday Trends Report was unveiled at The Travel Convention in Dubrovnik today.

Carried out by tourism and leisure specialists Arkenford in August, it questioned 2008 consumers.

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