Millstream perceptive underwriting

Our service in action…


Perceptive & innovative

“World Nomads is a longstanding client of Millstream Underwriting, having been partners for over a decade. World Nomads sought to find the perfect partner to manage our global network and in finding Millstream, found one of the most accomplished underwriting agencies in the UK market. With considered innovation and an overwhelmingly positive attitude, Millstream have enabled us to grow at a substantial pace, helping us to maintain our stronghold within the adventure travel market.  

Our partnership with Millstream provides so much more than an insurance policy. When it comes to the detail, we know we’re in extremely safe hands. Simon and his fantastic team, are readily available to help with any issue or query, no matter how small.”

Nick Pound
Director of Partnerships

There when it matters

We believe that it is absolutely our duty to be there for customers when they need us most.  

It’s not just doing it that matters but how it’s done that makes the difference……

Our customer became unwell in Africa shortly after Christmas.  Initially diagnosed with dysentery she was treated in a Cape Town clinic.  Following return to work in Malawi, her health deteriorated and it was apparent that her needs may become more acute than the local medical centres could provide for.  

That is when we stepped in and immediately arranged for air transfer to a fully equipped medical facility where her condition was stabilised allowing for repatriation to the UK.

We don’t expect compliments for doing what we do well but it’s nice to get them:

“My wife and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, consideration and attention during what was a very worrying time for us. It really was service of the highest order.”

Responsive and committed

“The True Traveller has been dealing with Millstream since early 2015.

It was apparent from the start that we were dealing with a very different sort of insurer, in as much as Millstream had a very pragmatic and commercially minded approach to our scheme. Having the advantage of being a Managing General Agent, decisions which may take others some time to come to a conclusion on, Millstream demonstrated that they were able to turn around very quickly indeed.

In the time we have been a client of Millstream, the support and advice from them has been invaluable, and Simon and his team at Leadenhall Street have contributed greatly to our success”.

Chris O’Hara

Competitive & collaborative….

“Faced with challenges from the incumbent underwriter of an existing portfolio of business, we set about finding an alternative insurer that was capable of delivering what we and our clients needed, over both the short and longer-term.

From the off, Millstream was receptive, contributing  thoughts and ideas.  Whilst individual elements of the portfolio were not necessarily ideal, they recognised the bigger picture and quickly moved from concept to cover within a few weeks.  They have participated in client meetings as well as programme design ticking all the boxes presented to them as well as the important pricing one”.

Graham Locke
Associate Director

Going the extra mile….  

Our customer, a Swedish national living in the UK, badly fractured her knee whilst holidaying in Panama.

Having arranged for immediate treatment, we arranged for our customer to return on a business class flight to allow for elevation of the leg, assisting her recovery as well as giving greater comfort.

What’s more, in the absence of family support in the UK we flew her back to Sweden despite the policy terms so that she could make a full recovery as quickly as possible.